Marcus Johansson speaks to the media

Monday, July 12, 2010

Marcus Johansson is one of the most promising players in the Capitals organization and has the potential to be key player in the lineup this coming year. After today's development camp workouts he spoke with the media.

It’s just one practice, but how does that feel?
"It feels good to get going.  I feel a little rusty, but you get over it..."

Did you talk to Nick Backstrom or anybody, even Anton [Gustafsson] on what this would be like? 
"Yeah, a little bit, I talked to them both actually, and I stay with Anton at the hotel. We are just going to have fun and work hard and do the best we can in the situation and enjoy our stay here."
Getting in a week or very days earlier what have you taken in outside of the hockey rink?
Not much, actually, it has been going to the rink and practicing and resting and not doing much, getting used to the time difference from back home. Feels like I am getting into it a little bit. It feels pretty good.
Expectation is that you may play here this year.  
"It feels like they believe in me and I appreciate that…. It gives me a good confidence, And I going to do everything I can to get that spot and be able to play on one of the best teams in the world. So it is a great honor."

Do you come into this aware of all the talk of you potentially being the Number Two center on the team:
"I try not to think of it that much. I come here trying to get used to the rink and everything….It’s been a while since last time. It is a great honor, and I appreciate it a lot and I am going have to hard to get it."
Do you believe you have a leg up on the competition here because of the [Swedish Elite] league you have played in for the last two years:
"No of course not. They all play in great leagues over here.  They are used to the rink and to the way they play hockey over here. It’s a big difference, you know.  It is straighter hockey and more to the net. So it is different like that. But of course I always had great opponents. Been trying to bring A game every night for the last two years in the elite league…So it has been good for me differently."
What are the adjustments you have to make playing in a small rink?
"You know it is everything. You got to get better at everything. Even a penalty here it a big difference….Haven’t got as much time and all that., so it is a lot of things."
Coach Boudreau says you are a better skater than Backstrom. Would you agree?
"I don’t know. We compare sometimes."
Are you challenging him to a race?
"I might. I don’t know yet."
You seem very confident.
"I don’t know you got to be confident. You know you can’t go out there and think if you are good or not. You got to do what you are good at. I try to play a lot with the puck. I try to bring my best every night."
What part of the game need work the most on to be NHL player?
"I don’t know, it’s hard to say. I feel that I got to get better at everything. You know, it  is a big step, and every little detail must get a little better.  So I got to work on it all."


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