Texas Stars at Hershey Bears, Calder Cup Finals Game 6: Warmups and Game

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

If you missed yesterday's post with post-game celebration photos click here.
IMG_6503 by Chris.M.G..IMG_6526 by Chris.M.G..
IMG_6598 by Chris.M.G..IMG_6632 by Chris.M.G..IMG_6639 by Chris.M.G..IMG_6568 by Chris.M.G..IMG_6583 by Chris.M.G..IMG_6673 by Chris.M.G..IMG_6676 by Chris.M.G..IMG_6704 by Chris.M.G..IMG_6717 by Chris.M.G..IMG_6727 by Chris.M.G..IMG_6740 by Chris.M.G..IMG_6768 by Chris.M.G..IMG_6773 by Chris.M.G..IMG_6786 by Chris.M.G..IMG_6789 by Chris.M.G..IMG_6808 by Chris.M.G..IMG_6851 by Chris.M.G..IMG_6864 by Chris.M.G..IMG_6852 by Chris.M.G..IMG_6891 by Chris.M.G..IMG_6905 by Chris.M.G..

First Period:
IMG_6964 by Chris.M.G..IMG_6974 by Chris.M.G..IMG_6978 by Chris.M.G..IMG_6981 by Chris.M.G..IMG_6983 by Chris.M.G..

IMG_6987 by Chris.M.G..
Opening faceoff.
IMG_6991 by Chris.M.G..IMG_6996 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7010 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7023 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7053 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7058 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7060 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7065 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7070 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7080 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7092 by Chris.M.G..

IMG_7121 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7122 by Chris.M.G..

IMG_7095 by Chris.M.G..

IMG_7124 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7126 by Chris.M.G..
IMG_7128 by Chris.M.G..

IMG_7137 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7145 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7172 by Chris.M.G..

IMG_7179 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7175 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7185 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7187 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7189 by Chris.M.G..

IMG_7194 by Chris.M.G..

IMG_7203 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7204 by Chris.M.G..

IMG_7246 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7247 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7248 by Chris.M.G..

Carlson puts the Bears on top:
IMG_7255 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7257 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7261 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7265 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7267 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7279 by Chris.M.G..

IMG_7304 by Chris.M.G..

Alzner gives the Bears a 2-0 lead:IMG_7313 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7320 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7323 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7325 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7332 by Chris.M.G..

IMG_7341 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7354 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7346 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7358 by Chris.M.G..

IMG_7371 by Chris.M.G..
IMG_7372 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7373 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7374 by Chris.M.G..

IMG_7381 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7395 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7398 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7406 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7419 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7413 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7408 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7423 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7448 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7458 by Chris.M.G..

Second Period:
IMG_7469 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7478 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7517 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7509 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7525 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7544 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7559 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7567 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7570 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7576 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7592 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7607 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7638 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7639 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7664 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7669 by Chris.M.G..

IMG_7674 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7675 by Chris.M.G..

IMG_7693 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7695 by Chris.M.G..

IMG_7729 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7731 by Chris.M.G..

IMG_7710 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7759 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7772 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7777 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7781 by Chris.M.G..

IMG_7798 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7802 by Chris.M.G..

IMG_7809 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7816 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7820 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7827 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7837 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7841 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7848 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7843 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7850 by Chris.M.G..

Patrick McNeil puts the Bears up by 3:IMG_7855 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7856 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7858 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7862 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7866 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7868 by Chris.M.G..

IMG_7878 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7887 by Chris.M.G..

IMG_7911 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7912 by Chris.M.G..

IMG_7919 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7942 by Chris.M.G..

IMG_7970 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7972 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7974 by Chris.M.G..

IMG_7979 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7981 by Chris.M.G..

IMG_8007 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8032 by Chris.M.G..

Third Period:
IMG_8045 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8048 by Chris.M.G..

IMG_8062 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8091 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8119 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8205 by Chris.M.G..

IMG_8215 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8216 by Chris.M.G..

IMG_8219 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8221 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8227 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8242 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8261 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8284 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8267 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8289 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8300 by Chris.M.G..

IMG_8312 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8314 by Chris.M.G..

IMG_8307 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8325 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8354 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8374 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8423 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8406 by Chris.M.G..

McNeil nets his 2nd of the night:
IMG_8429 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8431 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8433 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8436 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8445 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8452 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8472 by Chris.M.G..

Goodmorning, goodafternoon and goodnight Texas!
IMG_8514 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8528 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8532 by Chris.M.G..

Cebebration Photos