Development Camp Scrimmage, 7/17/10: Game

Saturday, July 17, 2010

1st Period:

IMG_7146 by Chris.M.G..
IMG_7156 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7181 by Chris.M.G..
IMG_7191 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7190 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7192 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7195 by Chris.M.G..

Opening FaceoffL
IMG_7204 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7217 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7220 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7222 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7224 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7228 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7236 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7230 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7240 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7254 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7261 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7270 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7264 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7278 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7294 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7307 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7311 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7316 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7323 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7326 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7335 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7353 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7357 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7363 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7367 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7371 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7372 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7385 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7392 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7413 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7406 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7416 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7420 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7435 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7447 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7454 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7465 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7457 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7469 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7474 by Chris.M.G..

IMG_7482 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7485 by Chris.M.G..

IMG_7501 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7502 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7503 by Chris.M.G..

IMG_7518 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7521 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7526 by Chris.M.G..

Miele puts Team White up 1-0:
IMG_7528 by Chris.M.G..
IMG_7529 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7530 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7532 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7531 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7537 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7542 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7547 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7551 by Chris.M.G..

IMG_7570 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7562 by Chris.M.G..

IMG_7574 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7576 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7577 by Chris.M.G..

IMG_7585 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7596 by Chris.M.G..

IMG_7603 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7602 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7605 by Chris.M.G..

IMG_7609 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7616 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7625 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7629 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7639 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7642 by Chris.M.G..

DeSimone ties it up:
IMG_7654 by Chris.M.G..
IMG_7655 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7662 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7660 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7666 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7669 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7673 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7675 by Chris.M.G..

IMG_7696 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7695 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7710 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7716 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7733 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7757 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7759 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7763 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7766 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7771 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7795 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7793 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7811 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7809 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7829 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7846 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7848 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7856 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7867 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7877 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7880 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7888 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7891 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7901 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7905 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7914 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7919 by Chris.M.G..

2nd Period:
IMG_7942 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7947 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7951 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7957 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7965 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8009 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8014 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8015 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8027 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8032 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8060 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8067 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8084 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8086 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8088 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8092 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8101 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8104 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8120 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8127 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8134 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8138 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8144 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8156 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8163 by Chris.M.G..
Lone mouthguard on the ice.

IMG_8167 by Chris.M.G..
IMG_8168 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8174 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8182 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8201 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8202 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8213 by Chris.M.G..

IMG_8217 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8228 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8232 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8239 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8243 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8245 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8249 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8253 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8261 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8268 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8273 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8279 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8288 by Chris.M.G..

IMG_8295 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8296 by Chris.M.G..

IMG_8305 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8304 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8306 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8308 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8332 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8344 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8347 by Chris.M.G..

Finley and Pisano go at it again:
IMG_8351 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8356 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8364 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8367 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8365 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8373 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8372 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8371 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8377 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8384 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8383 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8388 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8387 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8394 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8391 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8396 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8399 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8406 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8415 by Chris.M.G..

Eakin and Bruess exchange some heated words...
IMG_8418 by Chris.M.G..

which leads to this:
IMG_8443 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8444 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8447 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8453 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8452 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8465 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8467 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8469 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8474 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8478 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8477 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8476 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8475 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8480 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8481 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8479 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8484 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8483 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8482 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8488 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8487 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8486 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8489 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8492 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8494 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8497 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8499 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8498 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8501 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8500 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8502 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8505 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8504 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8503 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8506 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8508 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8511 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8514 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8525 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8541 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8540 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8544 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8545 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8550 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8567 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8605 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8609 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8615 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8628 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8622 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8632 by Chris.M.G..

Team White grabs a 2-1 lead:
IMG_8635 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8642 by Chris.M.G..

IMG_8686 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8687 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8691 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8692 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8693 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8712 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8720 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8725 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8747 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8751 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8757 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8759 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8758 by Chris.M.G..

Red ties the game:
IMG_8762 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8765 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8766 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8773 by Chris.M.G..

IMG_8788 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8800 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8805 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8812 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8818 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8823 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8834 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8841 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8860 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8865 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8878 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8880 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8884 by Chris.M.G..

3rd Period:
IMG_8912 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8915 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8925 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8929 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8940 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8951 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8957 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8959 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8965 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8974 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8967 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8977 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8991 by Chris.M.G..IMG_9001 by Chris.M.G..IMG_9005 by Chris.M.G..IMG_9004 by Chris.M.G..IMG_9007 by Chris.M.G..IMG_9018 by Chris.M.G..IMG_9020 by Chris.M.G..IMG_9022 by Chris.M.G..IMG_9026 by Chris.M.G..IMG_9030 by Chris.M.G..IMG_9036 by Chris.M.G..IMG_9044 by Chris.M.G..IMG_9046 by Chris.M.G..IMG_9051 by Chris.M.G..IMG_9052 by Chris.M.G..IMG_9053 by Chris.M.G..IMG_9059 by Chris.M.G..IMG_9074 by Chris.M.G..IMG_9081 by Chris.M.G..IMG_9089 by Chris.M.G..IMG_9101 by Chris.M.G..IMG_9099 by Chris.M.G..

White goes back on top, 3-2:
IMG_9119 by Chris.M.G..IMG_9118 by Chris.M.G..IMG_9122 by Chris.M.G..IMG_9127 by Chris.M.G..IMG_9133 by Chris.M.G..IMG_9135 by Chris.M.G..IMG_9138 by Chris.M.G..IMG_9140 by Chris.M.G..IMG_9148 by Chris.M.G..

IMG_9157 by Chris.M.G..
IMG_9158 by Chris.M.G..
IMG_9159 by Chris.M.G..IMG_9160 by Chris.M.G..

IMG_9163 by Chris.M.G..IMG_9171 by Chris.M.G..IMG_9178 by Chris.M.G..IMG_9176 by Chris.M.G..IMG_9188 by Chris.M.G..IMG_9194 by Chris.M.G..IMG_9196 by Chris.M.G..IMG_9199 by Chris.M.G..IMG_9218 by Chris.M.G..IMG_9209 by Chris.M.G..IMG_9224 by Chris.M.G..IMG_9227 by Chris.M.G..IMG_9236 by Chris.M.G..IMG_9242 by Chris.M.G..IMG_9249 by Chris.M.G..IMG_9264 by Chris.M.G..IMG_9270 by Chris.M.G..IMG_9274 by Chris.M.G..IMG_9294 by Chris.M.G..IMG_9300 by Chris.M.G..IMG_9305 by Chris.M.G..IMG_9311 by Chris.M.G..IMG_9316 by Chris.M.G..IMG_9326 by Chris.M.G..IMG_9339 by Chris.M.G..IMG_9349 by Chris.M.G..IMG_9378 by Chris.M.G..IMG_9386 by Chris.M.G..IMG_9387 by Chris.M.G..IMG_9394 by Chris.M.G..IMG_9417 by Chris.M.G..IMG_9423 by Chris.M.G..IMG_9431 by Chris.M.G..IMG_9437 by Chris.M.G..IMG_9455 by Chris.M.G..IMG_9480 by Chris.M.G..IMG_9495 by Chris.M.G..IMG_9500 by Chris.M.G..IMG_9506 by Chris.M.G..IMG_9508 by Chris.M.G..IMG_9519 by Chris.M.G..IMG_9525 by Chris.M.G..IMG_9527 by Chris.M.G..IMG_9544 by Chris.M.G..IMG_9566 by Chris.M.G..

IMG_9583 by Chris.M.G..IMG_9586 by Chris.M.G..IMG_9588 by Chris.M.G..

IMG_9603 by Chris.M.G..IMG_9608 by Chris.M.G..IMG_9612 by Chris.M.G..IMG_9613 by Chris.M.G..IMG_9620 by Chris.M.G..IMG_9623 by Chris.M.G..IMG_9644 by Chris.M.G..IMG_9650 by Chris.M.G..IMG_9680 by Chris.M.G..IMG_9670 by Chris.M.G..IMG_9691 by Chris.M.G..IMG_9699 by Chris.M.G..IMG_9700 by Chris.M.G..IMG_9717 by Chris.M.G..IMG_9736 by Chris.M.G..IMG_9737 by Chris.M.G..IMG_9739 by Chris.M.G..IMG_9741 by Chris.M.G..IMG_9757 by Chris.M.G..IMG_9750 by Chris.M.G..IMG_9767 by Chris.M.G..IMG_9775 by Chris.M.G..IMG_9773 by Chris.M.G..IMG_9783 by Chris.M.G..IMG_9786 by Chris.M.G..IMG_9791 by Chris.M.G..IMG_9793 by Chris.M.G..IMG_9801 by Chris.M.G..IMG_9806 by Chris.M.G..IMG_9830 by Chris.M.G..IMG_9844 by Chris.M.G..IMG_9850 by Chris.M.G..IMG_9866 by Chris.M.G..IMG_9868 by Chris.M.G..IMG_9869 by Chris.M.G..IMG_9870 by Chris.M.G..IMG_9876 by Chris.M.G..IMG_9886 by Chris.M.G..IMG_9888 by Chris.M.G..IMG_9932 by Chris.M.G..IMG_9936 by Chris.M.G..IMG_9937 by Chris.M.G..IMG_9935 by Chris.M.G..IMG_9945 by Chris.M.G..IMG_9957 by Chris.M.G..IMG_9961 by Chris.M.G..IMG_9954 by Chris.M.G..IMG_9964 by Chris.M.G..IMG_9984 by Chris.M.G..

IMG_9994 by Chris.M.G..

IMG_9999 by Chris.M.G..IMG_0001 by Chris.M.G..IMG_0002 by Chris.M.G..

IMG_0011 by Chris.M.G..IMG_0014 by Chris.M.G..IMG_0015 by Chris.M.G..IMG_0016 by Chris.M.G..IMG_0017 by Chris.M.G..IMG_0023 by Chris.M.G..IMG_0028 by Chris.M.G..

IMG_0034 by Chris.M.G..IMG_0035 by Chris.M.G..IMG_0036 by Chris.M.G..IMG_0037 by Chris.M.G..

IMG_0047 by Chris.M.G..IMG_0048 by Chris.M.G..IMG_0049 by Chris.M.G..IMG_0050 by Chris.M.G..IMG_0051 by Chris.M.G..IMG_0056 by Chris.M.G..IMG_0058 by Chris.M.G..IMG_0057 by Chris.M.G..IMG_0059 by Chris.M.G..IMG_0067 by Chris.M.G..IMG_0061 by Chris.M.G..

For the win...
IMG_0072 by Chris.M.G..IMG_0070 by Chris.M.G..IMG_0074 by Chris.M.G..IMG_0075 by Chris.M.G..IMG_0076 by Chris.M.G..IMG_0078 by Chris.M.G..
IMG_0093 by Chris.M.G..
IMG_0083 by Chris.M.G..IMG_0098 by Chris.M.G..IMG_0126 by Chris.M.G..IMG_0131 by Chris.M.G..IMG_0142 by Chris.M.G..IMG_0147 by Chris.M.G..IMG_0148 by Chris.M.G..IMG_0150 by Chris.M.G..IMG_0169 by Chris.M.G..IMG_0177 by Chris.M.G..IMG_0181 by Chris.M.G..IMG_0190 by Chris.M.G..IMG_0197 by Chris.M.G..


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