Capitals vs Stars, 3/8/10

Monday, March 8, 2010

Varlamov makes a save in warmups.

Semin passes in warmups.

Varlamov ready to make a save.

Chimera looks up during warmups.

Green shoots in warmups.

Ovechkin skates during warmups.

Theodore makes a save on semin in warmups.

Fehr shoots in warmups.

Ovechkin fires a shot during warmups.

Ovechkin in front of the net.

Ovechkin balances the puck on his stick.

The team takes the ice.

Opening faceoff.

Poti reaches for the puck.

Varlamov makes the save.

Turco makes the save on Semin.

Ott fires a shot.

Varlamov makes the save.

Laich battles for the puck.

Knuble makes a hit.

Ovechkin skates through the D.

Ovechkin fires a shot.

Ovechkin shoots.

Scrum in front of the net.

Turco shoots the puck behind the net and Ovi chases it.

Fehr battles for the puck.

The puck goes wide of the net.

Boyd Gordon changes direction.

Steckel wins the draw.

Steckel goes for the hit.

Laich fires a shot off.

Turco robs Semin.

Semin with the puck.

Green fires a shot on net.

Knuble misses the defection.

Ovechkin with the puck.

Morrison battles for the puck.

Erskine makes a big hit.

Semin shoots the puck.

Semin gets hit.

Bradley battles for the puck.

Bradley dishes out a hit.

Ovechkin skates onto the ice.

Baley makes some snow.

Ovechkin rocks Robidas.

Varlamov makes the save.

Laich with the puck.

Semin skates in and shoots.

Schultz and Segal fall to the ice.

Backstrom with the puck.

Morrison misses the net.

Turco makes the save.

Ovechkin passes.

Green shoots.

Ovechkin gives the Caps a 2-0 lead.

Knuble with the puck.

Varlamov skates onto the ice.

Bradley questions a call.

Daley shoots.

Turco robs Semin.

Ovechkin ties the game at 3!

Semin makes a big hit.

Fight before OT.

Ovechkin shoots on Turco.

Backstrom scores in the shootout.

Turco escapes.

Shootout goal.


Laich misses.

Varlamov makes the save.

Stars win it.


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