Capitals vs. Penguins, 3/24/10

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

IMG_5550 by Chris.M.G.. IMG_5552 by Chris.M.G.. IMG_5567 by Chris.M.G.. IMG_5591 by Chris.M.G.. IMG_5600 by Chris.M.G.. IMG_5603 by Chris.M.G.. IMG_5605 by Chris.M.G.. IMG_5608 by Chris.M.G.. IMG_5611 by Chris.M.G.. IMG_5625 by Chris.M.G.. IMG_5626 by Chris.M.G.. IMG_5641 by Chris.M.G.. IMG_5643 by Chris.M.G.. IMG_5646 by Chris.M.G.. IMG_5651 by Chris.M.G.. IMG_5653 by Chris.M.G.. IMG_5661 by Chris.M.G.. IMG_5690 by Chris.M.G.. IMG_5693 by Chris.M.G.. IMG_5708 by Chris.M.G.. IMG_5717 by Chris.M.G.. IMG_5727 by Chris.M.G.. IMG_5772 by Chris.M.G.. IMG_5781 by Chris.M.G.. IMG_5788 by Chris.M.G.. IMG_5796 by Chris.M.G.. IMG_5818 by Chris.M.G.. IMG_5826 by Chris.M.G.. IMG_5832 by Chris.M.G.. IMG_5847 by Chris.M.G.. IMG_5854 by Chris.M.G.. IMG_5856 by Chris.M.G.. IMG_5861 by Chris.M.G.. IMG_5872 by Chris.M.G.. IMG_5877 by Chris.M.G.. IMG_5904 by Chris.M.G.. IMG_5883 by Chris.M.G.. IMG_5907 by Chris.M.G.. IMG_5923 by Chris.M.G.. IMG_5933 by Chris.M.G.. IMG_5937 by Chris.M.G.. IMG_5951 by Chris.M.G.. IMG_5974 by Chris.M.G.. IMG_5999 by Chris.M.G.. IMG_6001 by Chris.M.G..

IMG_6274 by Chris.M.G.. IMG_6007 by Chris.M.G.. IMG_6037 by Chris.M.G.. IMG_6054 by Chris.M.G.. IMG_6056 by Chris.M.G.. IMG_6067 by Chris.M.G.. IMG_6065 by Chris.M.G.. IMG_6075 by Chris.M.G.. IMG_6080 by Chris.M.G.. IMG_6084 by Chris.M.G.. IMG_6104 by Chris.M.G.. IMG_6105 by Chris.M.G.. IMG_6118 by Chris.M.G.. IMG_6124 by Chris.M.G.. IMG_6128 by Chris.M.G.. IMG_6134 by Chris.M.G.. IMG_6138 by Chris.M.G.. IMG_6151 by Chris.M.G.. IMG_6139 by Chris.M.G.. IMG_6164 by Chris.M.G.. IMG_6166 by Chris.M.G.. IMG_6167 by Chris.M.G.. IMG_6168 by Chris.M.G.. IMG_6177 by Chris.M.G.. IMG_6204 by Chris.M.G.. IMG_6181 by Chris.M.G.. IMG_6194 by Chris.M.G.. IMG_6206 by Chris.M.G.. IMG_6214 by Chris.M.G.. IMG_6215 by Chris.M.G.. IMG_6227 by Chris.M.G.. IMG_6234 by Chris.M.G.. IMG_6237 by Chris.M.G.. IMG_6246 by Chris.M.G.. IMG_6251 by Chris.M.G..  IMG_6257 by Chris.M.G.. IMG_6270 by Chris.M.G.. IMG_6274 by Chris.M.G.. IMG_6300 by Chris.M.G.. IMG_6312 by Chris.M.G.. IMG_6316 by Chris.M.G..

IMG_6348 by Chris.M.G.. IMG_6360 by Chris.M.G.. IMG_6379 by Chris.M.G.. IMG_6381 by Chris.M.G..

Knuble scores to make 1-0:
IMG_6390 by Chris.M.G.. IMG_6403 by Chris.M.G..

IMG_6419 by Chris.M.G.. IMG_6425 by Chris.M.G.. 
Pittsburgh ties it at 1:
IMG_6427 by Chris.M.G.. 
IMG_6432 by Chris.M.G.. IMG_6434 by Chris.M.G.. 

IMG_6447 by Chris.M.G.. IMG_6471 by Chris.M.G.. IMG_6497 by Chris.M.G.. IMG_6511 by Chris.M.G.. IMG_6518 by Chris.M.G.. IMG_6513 by Chris.M.G.. IMG_6527 by Chris.M.G.. IMG_6551 by Chris.M.G.. IMG_6558 by Chris.M.G.. IMG_6582 by Chris.M.G.. IMG_6591 by Chris.M.G.. IMG_6603 by Chris.M.G.. IMG_6643 by Chris.M.G.. 
Pittsburgh takes a 2-1 lead.
IMG_6655 by Chris.M.G.. 

IMG_6664 by Chris.M.G.. IMG_6674 by Chris.M.G.. IMG_6734 by Chris.M.G.. IMG_6744 by Chris.M.G..
IMG_6766 by Chris.M.G.. IMG_6790 by Chris.M.G.. IMG_6799 by Chris.M.G.. IMG_6835 by Chris.M.G.. IMG_6854 by Chris.M.G..
Semin ties at 2:
IMG_6899 by Chris.M.G.. IMG_6901 by Chris.M.G.. IMG_6910 by Chris.M.G..

IMG_6922 by Chris.M.G..
Fehr gives the Caps a 3-2 lead:
IMG_6940 by Chris.M.G.. IMG_6942 by Chris.M.G.. IMG_6953 by Chris.M.G.. IMG_6957 by Chris.M.G..

IMG_6975 by Chris.M.G.. IMG_6982 by Chris.M.G.. IMG_7001 by Chris.M.G.. IMG_7027 by Chris.M.G.. IMG_7063 by Chris.M.G.. IMG_7100 by Chris.M.G.. IMG_7106 by Chris.M.G.. IMG_7121 by Chris.M.G.. IMG_7145 by Chris.M.G.. IMG_7152 by Chris.M.G.. IMG_7158 by Chris.M.G.. IMG_7169 by Chris.M.G.. IMG_7199 by Chris.M.G.. IMG_7210 by Chris.M.G..  IMG_7252 by Chris.M.G..
IMG_7263 by Chris.M.G.. IMG_7276 by Chris.M.G.. IMG_7278 by Chris.M.G.. IMG_7352 by Chris.M.G.. IMG_7356 by Chris.M.G.. IMG_7362 by Chris.M.G.. 
IMG_7377 by Chris.M.G.. IMG_7387 by Chris.M.G.. IMG_7400 by Chris.M.G.. IMG_7416 by Chris.M.G.. IMG_7431 by Chris.M.G.. IMG_7447 by Chris.M.G.. IMG_7463 by Chris.M.G.. 
Knuble for the win...
IMG_7470 by Chris.M.G.. IMG_7471 by Chris.M.G.. IMG_7472 by Chris.M.G.. IMG_7483 by Chris.M.G.. IMG_7509 by Chris.M.G.. IMG_7514 by Chris.M.G.. 
2nd Star:
IMG_7536 by Chris.M.G.. IMG_7540 by Chris.M.G..
1st Star:
IMG_7549 by Chris.M.G.. IMG_7550 by Chris.M.G..


MBR March 25, 2010 at 12:01 PM  

Great pictures as always.

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