ECQF Game 1, 4/15/10

Friday, April 16, 2010


IMG_6818 by Chris.M.G..IMG_6841 by Chris.M.G..IMG_6864 by Chris.M.G..IMG_6865 by Chris.M.G..IMG_6875 by Chris.M.G..IMG_6868 by Chris.M.G..IMG_6886 by Chris.M.G..IMG_6892 by Chris.M.G..IMG_6880 by Chris.M.G..IMG_6894 by Chris.M.G..IMG_6903 by Chris.M.G..IMG_6902 by Chris.M.G..IMG_6904 by Chris.M.G..IMG_6915 by Chris.M.G..IMG_6911 by Chris.M.G..IMG_6929 by Chris.M.G..IMG_6939 by Chris.M.G..IMG_6949 by Chris.M.G..IMG_6951 by Chris.M.G..IMG_6954 by Chris.M.G..IMG_6952 by Chris.M.G..IMG_6957 by Chris.M.G..IMG_6959 by Chris.M.G..IMG_6961 by Chris.M.G..IMG_6967 by Chris.M.G..IMG_6969 by Chris.M.G..IMG_6972 by Chris.M.G..IMG_6979 by Chris.M.G..IMG_6986 by Chris.M.G..IMG_6988 by Chris.M.G..IMG_6989 by Chris.M.G..IMG_6996 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7007 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7026 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7008 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7029 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7050 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7033 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7062 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7069 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7081 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7096 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7098 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7104 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7110 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7116 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7123 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7118 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7133 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7145 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7139 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7152 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7156 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7162 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7173 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7179 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7193 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7204 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7210 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7213 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7231 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7221 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7267 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7261 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7268 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7269 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7284 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7287 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7304 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7308 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7338 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7342 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7351 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7356 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7374 by Chris.M.G..

First Period:
IMG_7398 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7394 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7407 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7415 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7428 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7416 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7443 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7454 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7463 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7476 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7474 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7488 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7481 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7504 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7512 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7519 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7522 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7536 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7540 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7571 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7550 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7559 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7580 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7575 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7595 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7604 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7597 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7606 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7611 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7624 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7630 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7654 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7642 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7658 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7669 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7673 by Chris.M.G..

Habs take a 1-0 lead:
IMG_7679 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7681 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7683 by Chris.M.G..

IMG_7692 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7701 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7703 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7712 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7724 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7729 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7732 by Chris.M.G..

Corvo ties it up:
IMG_7741 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7750 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7756 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7759 by Chris.M.G..

IMG_7763 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7774 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7796 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7797 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7801 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7806 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7816 by Chris.M.G..

Second Period:
IMG_7826 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7833 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7838 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7843 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7853 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7857 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7859 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7865 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7880 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7870 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7894 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7903 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7900 by Chris.M.G..

Backstrom hits the post:
IMG_7913 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7914 by Chris.M.G..

IMG_7939 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7943 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7946 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7951 by Chris.M.G..IMG_7954 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8059 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8082 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8084 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8096 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8102 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8111 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8117 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8121 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8123 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8131 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8136 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8143 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8163 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8169 by Chris.M.G..

Third Period:
IMG_8189 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8204 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8205 by Chris.M.G..

Backstrom gives the Caps a 2-1 lead:
IMG_8211 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8212 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8226 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8233 by Chris.M.G..

IMG_8247 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8249 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8270 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8288 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8304 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8316 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8324 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8331 by Chris.M.G..

Sea of Red:
IMG_8359 by Chris.M.G..

IMG_8347 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8364 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8380 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8385 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8396 by Chris.M.G..

The Habs tie it at 2.
IMG_8400 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8402 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8414 by Chris.M.G..

IMG_8425 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8428 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8450 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8454 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8494 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8500 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8503 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8515 by Chris.M.G..

IMG_8543 by Chris.M.G..

IMG_8552 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8559 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8561 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8576 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8579 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8592 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8621 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8627 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8637 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8638 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8643 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8666 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8687 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8702 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8727 by Chris.M.G..

IMG_8746 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8739 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8760 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8764 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8769 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8773 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8776 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8808 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8812 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8818 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8820 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8855 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8860 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8885 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8863 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8889 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8890 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8905 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8919 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8925 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8939 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8954 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8963 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8977 by Chris.M.G..

The Canadiens win, 3-2:
IMG_8987 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8988 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8993 by Chris.M.G..IMG_8999 by Chris.M.G..


Bill-DC April 16, 2010 at 10:07 PM  

Incredible job! I'm in 409 tomorrow night with my Nikon D40 and AFS Nikkor 70-300mm.

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